Monday, 19 March 2018

Armoured Vehicles, Bulletproof Cars Maintenance & Servicing in India

Armoured Vehicles, Bulletproof Cars Maintenance & Servicing in India

Similar to all vehicles on the road, armoured vehicles, bulletproof cars also require regular maintenance & servicing to help prolong the vehicle’s life expectancy. Every vehicle sold by us comes with a recommended maintenance and service schedule to assist the clients in properly taking care of their vehicles. Additionally, we offer fast moving spare parts kits to allow servicing of our vehicles in remote areas where access to parts and mechanic facilities is limited.

MSPV provides a recommended armored vehicle maintenance schedule for every vehicle sold to ensure that the armored vehicle will have a long useful life and achieve best performance with limited amount of repairs.

MSPV has several authorized maintenance and repair facilities around the world.  MSPV qualified to offer repairs and serving of our and other company vehicles without voiding their warranty. Some of the countries that we offer full vehicle maintenance and service are UAE, Turkey, India, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Yemen, Syria, Libya, Kuwait, Oman, Lebanon, Qatar, Bahrain, Egypt, Nigeria, South Sudan, Botswana, South Africa, Ghana, Mali, Bulgaria. MSPV also offers extended maintenance and service contracts as an option for clients looking for peace of mind.

We invest a lot in local infrastructure, global partnerships and our supply chain in order to be able to offer our customers ongoing support in an efficient and timely manner. Regardless of type of the vehicle, its size or geographical location, our customer service representatives who are on duty 24/7/365 days a year will do their best to find a suitable solution. We understand the urgency behind armored vehicle maintenance and spare parts replacement requests, and we promise to serve you in the most efficient manner.

Due to the increasing threat of terrorism and crime, there is an increasing demand for secure vehicles for commercial purposes as well as personal protection of individuals. Take a seat in an armoured vehicle and experience that no environment can bring more security. Special glass, run flat- tires, body reinforcements, extra steel, carbon fibre panels and additional communication equipment, provide complete security for all passengers. MSPV Armoring guarantees safety, affordability, quality and discretion.
Our team of specialists uses certified materials and warrant that all commands are executed skillfully and reliably. Discretion is our highest priority, your privacy is guaranteed. Each command at MSPV is considered unique; we work to customer specification, according to personal needs and desires.

If you purchased armoured vehicle from another armoring company, we will be able to offer service and maintenance as well as spare parts delivery to a convenient location. We can assist you with any aspects of the service, support & maintenance for your Armoured VehiclesBulletproof CarsArmoured Military VehiclesCash In Transit CIT Vehicles, Bus & Ambulance etc... Please do not hesitate to +91 95031 99994 or draft emails on or visit

Friday, 16 March 2018

Armoured Personnel Carrier Malta, Armored Military Vehicles Malta

Armoured Personnel Carrier Malta, Armored Military Vehicles Malta  

MSPV is Supply Armored Personnel Carriers & Armored Military Vehicles to Governments, Army, Military, Police, Security Agencies & Patrolling Forces of Malta. MSPV take order form Military & Government of Malta for Armoured Personnel Carrier & Armoured Military Vehicles

MSPV know how important it is to securely, safely   and quickly transport soldiers in an Armored Personnel Carrier in various challenging environments and have implemented the latest innovations to ensure this.

MSPV Armored Personnel Carrier is specifically designed and engineered to meet the requirements of a high mobility, light weight armored vehicle for military and law enforcement agencies worldwide. It is also well suited as a border patrol vehicle and has earned its reputation of safely transporting troops in high risk regions.

MSPV Armoured Personnel Carriers are completely safe from attacks, long lasting, highly mobile and fully protected at all times. Our Armoured Personnel Carrier provides high mobility and superior protection for the armed forces operating in challenging battlefield scenarios. They offer enhanced protection, enabling safer infantry deployment in high-threat areas.

MSPV Panthera is suited for military and homeland security missions such as patrol, convoy protection, troop transport, law enforcement and peacekeeping. Armoured personnel carrier is constructed of certified ballistic steel and features a modular design, which can be configured as per specific needs.

MSPV Panthera is used in battles by the Army, police patrol and surveillance, military ambulance due to the armoured protection, excellent on-and off-road mobility, outstanding service, versatility and rigidity.

MSPV Armoured vehicle are developed to be a multi-purpose platform for all military requirements & designed to be adapted to suit the various harsh conditions and environments. MSPV Armored vehicles provides maximum flexibility and protection from ballistic systems and mines.

Many African, Asian & European Countries buy MSPV Armored Personnel Carrier to equip for police forces, armored troops, peacekeeping and anti-terrorism. For more information, contact us at +971 4 425 1761 or draft emails on or visit